My Favourite Baby Products and Brands…

So obviously every one likes different brands but here is a list of what we use at home (please note none of the following brands are sponsored, this is just me sharing what I use 👍) :


Purity – For washing all of our clothes. I was recommended this brand before having Adelyn and have used it ever since. There’s no strong smell to it and I find its gentle on babies skin.


Gaia Sleeptime Bath Wash – This smells devine and is all natural. I try and keep my products I use as natural and chemical free for the kids as possible. All 3 girls use this in their baths.


Huggies Nappies and Wipes – I am such a fan of huggies! Ive tried other brands and to me nothing compares to Huggies. Tough and durable yet soft! All 3 girls wear Huggies (Adelyn just to bed at night now).


Waterwipes – We are so grateful that we came across these wipes in Nicu as the are just water! Chemical free with no smell. They use them in hospital as the babies skins are so sensitive. We now use them at home to wipe the girls faces and hands when we need.


Closer to Nature Dummies and Love Charlie XO dummy clips – Again all 3 girls have used Closer to Nature dummies. I found it was best to use the dummies of the brand of bottles you are using as they make the teats similar. All 3 girls took to these dummies straight away. Riley and Hanna did use Jollypop dummies in nicu but we changed just before they came home.


Sudocrem – This cream can be used for all nappy rashes and sore spots. Works wonders on our girls bums when they have pooped a bit too much.


Tommee Tippee/Closer to Nature Bottles – We already had a heap of the wide teat bottles from Adelyn so we got new teats for them this time round. Both Adelyn and Hanna took to these bottles with no dramas. Riley on the other hand had to swap to the long neck version, as she needed a fast flow teat similar to nicu. This is because she is on Anti Reflux formula which is quite thick. It makes life easier in a way as we know whose bottles are whose!


Aptimal Gold Formula – This is the same formula the babies receive in Nicu and we didnt want to change it unless we had to. Hanna is on the normal version where as Riley is on the AR version. Our girls haven’t had any issues with this formula, even during the transition over from expressed breast milk.


Infants Friend – This has worked well for our girls to assist in bringing all those nasty burps up and farts out! To start with we were adding it to each bottle but now the twins are burping much better on their own we just use it when necessary.


Banaban Coconut Oil – This is the same oil we used in nicu to help keep the twins skin moist and to stop it drying out. We use it after every bath and it leaves them smelling delicious!

Ontop of these I have already mentioned a few other favourites in Things for Twins such as the Owlet Sock and Love to Dream Swaddles! 💕



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