Erghh winter…

I am so looking forward to summer and seeing the sun again for more then a few burts between dark clouds. Winter especially is a horrible time of year for any baby, but even worse for microprems. It was just bad timing to be taking the girls home smack bang in the middle of winter, so we do a few things to try and prevent sickness entering our house.

1. Majority of germs are passed on via hand contact. Plain and simple, good old hand washing. When ever we can we wash our hands with antibacterial soap especially after nappies, sneezes, coughs, blowing nose, being out and about. Its the first thing we do when getting home from hospital appointments.

2. Hand Santiser after washing hands. We actually try and remember to sanitise every time before we touch the girls. Just like in nicu we kept that going at home. Even Adelyn must sanitise before touching the twins.

3. Every day morning and night I wipe all phones, tablets, benchtops, door handles, toilets, the girls bassinets, taps, tables, play mat and light switches with antibacterial wipes to hopefully limit any bugs being left on things we touch regularly. When we have been out, upon returning I also wipe down the pram bassinets, nappy bag, phones, wallets and keys.

4. The other thing we do upon returning home is shower and/or change our clothes as soon as we step into the door. This hopefully limits the germs we pick up on our clothes and lessens the risk  of passing them to the girls when we cuddle them.

5. I have the Doterra Oil – On Gaurd in a roller bottle that I apply to my feet and behind my ears most nights. I have found Essential oils very helpful since the start of this journey. Adelyn also has her own blend of Immunity oil that I also apply to her feet and chest nightly.

6. All 3 girls are on probiotic powders that go in their bottles once a day. This is good for gut health and to keep them regular also. The twins had probiotics in nicu as well to protect their guts.

7. We are on hibernation mode. Besides the occasional trip to the shops if we need something I forgot on our click and collect order or hospital appointments we dont really go anywhere else. This has been tough as we would like to go out as a family to lunch or socialise with friends but for the sake of the girls over winter we can’t risk it.

8. Same visiting rules as nicu apply at the moment with just grandparents to visit. No one else has actually met the girls, besides nicu friends, not even family! We are so looking forward to the day we can introduce them to our family and friends! Although that will be done sparsely to build up immunity.

9. We have in our room where the twins sleep a salt lamp and a cool mist vaporiser that we leave on over night. Both these help purify the air as the negative ions that are released eliminate allergens and bacteria.

Some people would say what we do is over the top and they need to build immunity blah blah, but Riley already had her first case of bronchiolitis 2 weeks after being discharged from nicu. We have no idea how she got it as we do all of the above but unfortunately it was just one of those things that happens. As the twins get bigger and stronger we will lessen the precautions we take but currently it is the best thing for them. Plus I’m sick of seeing hospitals 😂


One thought on “Erghh winter…

  1. Great tips! I never actually thought about changing clothes when I get home.
    We also use onguard oil – I put it in a spray bottle and use it to clean /sanitise around the house. 😊


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