Life After Nicu…

Life seems so “easy” most days at the moment. With the 5 of us under one roof finally life couldn’t be any more perfect. It seems like a lifetime ago that the twins were born and they were in nicu. So many days blurred into one and you loose track of time. Now we are home the days are pretty much the same daily. Feed, play and sleep. Change a few pooey nappies in amongst the daily chaos of life, play with Addie, tell her a hundred times to clean her hands or don’t put the toys on the girls.

Compared to the amount of stuff we were fitting into a day back in the beginning with pumping, juggling addie, driving an hr each way to the hospital, spending time with the girls, and keeping ontop of house work, day to day life is bliss now. I have time to keep ontop of the housework, time to wash and straighten my hair, time to rest and actually chill in the arvos. I do put a lot of this down to hubby being so lucky to have so much time off work though. Its good to have two sets of hands on board to deal with 3 kids under 3!

Not every moment is picture perfect though. The girls cry like any other baby, they protest about going to bed ever night and Addie throws her fair share of tantrums. Some days I feel like all we do is plop Addie in front of the tv but hey she is happy and entertained and we can sort the twins out. Its been tough when Addie wants a cuddle or wants to play with us when its feed time as we have to explain to her “not right now darling in a little bit “. But we will get through like we do every day. Some days there is no sleep from Addie, some days from the twins hence when the wine comes into it!

Life in a hospital doesnt necessarily end after nicu. There’s follow up appts galore and those unexpected sicknesses that crop up. Good example was when Riley wasn’t even home 2 weeks yet and she got bronchiolitis. We have no idea where she got it from but it wasn’t good. She had apneas and desats and need more respiratory support back onto cpap plus a feeding tube back in. Two hospitals, two wards, a visit to nicu and picu Riley should get a frequent flyer card! Along side these hospital trips comes the stress. The same stress from nicu, the same worry, the same emotional overwhelm. I don’t think that will ever go away with a premmie. The unknowns are what haunt me. They haunted me in nicu and they haunt me now. There is nothing you can do but wait and see.

So yes life is “easy” out of nicu but the journey never really ends…


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