Feeding Twins…

Feeding twins is hard work but I’ll explain how we feed the girls the way that works best for us.

Both girls have been bottle fed from the start (besides ng tube) with either EBM or formula. The Hospital used Aptimal Gold so we decided to stick with the same formula to not cause any upset tummies. Hanna is on the normal version where as Riley is on the Anti Reflux version to help her silent reflux.


Each twin is on their different bottle as well. This makes it easier to distinguish whose is whose also. Riley has always taken her feeds well from the beginning, even in the early days, whereas Hanna had her feeds stopped many times in nicu. Both girls however now tolerate their feeds well! Riley is now on between 100 – 150 ml each bottle and Hanna on 150 – 200 ml each bottle. We decided to up their bottles slightly as now they have dropped at least 1 feed over night and some nights 2 feeds, to make sure they are still reaching their required mls.

We use the Twin Z pillow to feed the girls on most feeds as it makes it easier to feed both at the same time. We wanted both girls on the same routine so we had time to ourselves and Addie also. Overnight we hold one each if they need a feed as we put them straight back to bed to try and limit any stimulation. The Twin Z pillow is definitely a must for twin parents or something similar. We got ours second hand from another twin mumma.


You get good at multi tasking and doing things one handed as a mum. Even with twins! Some feeds I’ll have to feed the girls whilst helping Addie do something else. Its becomes tricky but we manage. Dummies on hand come in handy when it’s burping time as usually the other one is crying because they want to be picked up too. Both girls are generally good burpers but we do use Infants Friend if they need a bit of assistance. The best way to get the burps up we have found, is leaving them laying down for a few minutes after their bottle so all the bubbles collect together.


Feeding the girls out has been a bit of a challenge. For example the other day we were at the bank  (luckily our bank has a big open area in front of it 👌) while we waited for the car to be serviced. It was over their 10 am feed which was annoying but they had to be fed. So while Justin was inside, I sat outside in the fresh air (to steer clear of people) and organised the girls, all 3 of them. Firstly I loaded Addie up with snacks to keep her occupied, then I tried to feed Hanna while rocking Riley in the pram. Every time Riley cried, I’d have to stop feeding Hanna and settle Riley. Then Addie wanted more snacks, so had to sort that out. Then Hanna needed a burp, still while rocking Riley and now yelling after Addie to be careful climbing on the bench seats! Juggling 3 is tricky by yoursellf, luckily Justin came out and helped feed Riley. Unfortunately with twins one will cry most of the time if your dealing with the other 😂 but they soon learn some patience.  However I think it will be some time before I head out alone with them all. Wish me luck for when I do, especially over a feed time… 😂

One thought on “Feeding Twins…

  1. Gosh you’re amazing. It is so hard feeding two out in public and with another child too, I can’t imagine! I recently adjusted the seats in our pram on an angle and can now feed the girls at the same time in the pram. Hoping its not beginners luck because I’ll have to do it again when I go out this week!


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