Bringing in some Income…

After a year off on unpaid maternity leave, Justin and I had to decide when I would go back to work. We decided now was the best time as ever mainly due to financial difficulties. After being on only one income since I was 19 weeks pregnant with the twins we have gone through all of our savings we had. With twins and a toddler there are a lot of costs – mainly nappies, formula, wipes and food – plus fuel. We also ate out a lot during the 5 months the girls were in NICU as we were just on survival mode which took a big chunk of our money.

After Adelyn’s birth I only had 3 months off and I was straight back into the workforce. Not much changed while I was gone so I felt like I hadn’t really left. I couldn’t wait to get back but had a LOT of mummy guilt. Was I doing the right thing going back so early? Was I going to miss out on Adelyn’s first milestones? Was she going to miss me? Would hubby be happy to take care of her while I work? The first day back after my 1st pregnancy was so different to this time round. I was so happy to be back yet I didn’t really want to be there at the same time. I wasn’t anxious at all going back – I couldn’t wait to show off my new baby to all the gym members! I think it was 1.5hours into my first shift back and I realised yep ok nothing has changed in 3 months … I got this!

This time round after the twins the first day was completely different. I had been away for a whole year this time and lots had changed. New staff, new uniform, new rules, new computer system and a lot of new members. I was a serious anxious mess! I had been out of the Fitness Industry for a whole year and in that year a lot can change. I wanted to go back to work though. I missed feeling like ‘me’ and I missed adult interaction! After a couple of rough weeks at home I just needed something to make me feel more confident about myself and my work does this for me. I love working in the Fitness Industry as I am so passionate about helping others feel healthy and confident in their body. The first shift back in the gym I was so embarrassed almost about the size I am now and how different my body is compared to when I was in my peak. I know this is just all internal pressure I put on myself which I didn’t need to do. I was nervous to meet the new staff and wonder if I would ‘fit’ in – even though I have worked at my gym for 5 years now – I felt like I was back at the bottom starting fresh all over again. However – I had pretty much zero mummy guilt this time! I was so surprised with this! I knew hubby was perfectly fine looking after all 3 girls and it made me calm knowing that it was him looking after them not a day-care or somewhere with a heap of germs.

After my first shift was done it was such a relief – I let out such a big sigh! Now after 3 weeks back at work it feels like I’m getting my groove back after a year away. I have had so many members come up to me and chat away saying they are so glad I was back in the gym and how much they missed me! It feels amazing hearing that I was missed! The reactions from everyone as well who didn’t know we had twins is hilarious! Because I left work so suddenly majority of members only knew I was pregnant with one baby not two. A few of the members have already booked in for new programs with me which is awesome and seriously makes me feel on top of the world! One lady I took for an Appraisal and Program the other day asked if she could rebook for her next program with me specifically. Receiving this positive feedback just makes me love my job even more – I love taking the time to explain the reasons why I have given them certain exercises plus writing little notes and cues for them to help remember the exercises.

Receiving my first pay check in my bank account after a year feels soooooo good to be able to finally help our financial circumstances and to help take pressure off Justin work wise!

I am very happy to be back at work and now dropping from Part time to Casual I believe I can get a good work/life balance going as well as getting back into my own training! Do you have tips on achieving that happy balance?? Would love to know in my comments below!


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