Our Day to Day Routine…

At the moment with hubby home most days are pretty similar. When hubby returns to work I will try to keep the routine as well as I can but we shall see πŸ˜‚. Everything might just go up in smoke… And I might need to take up shares in a winery…

6 – 7am The twins and Adelyn get up normally. The first half hour consists of juggling feeding and changing them and trying to get Adelyn to the toilet, dressed and fed. Somehow I try to get some housework started and a coffee made. If I’m lucky I’ll get my breakie too.

Around 8.30 the twins usually drift off to sleep either in their bubnest or swings in our lounge area, so that we can charge the Owlets. This is the time I try and finish up more housework and play with Adelyn. Most days the twins just cat nap here and usually just sleep one sleep cycle.

9 – 10am Adelyn loves watching PlaySchool and Sesame Street. Some days we let her watch tv a bit later so she is distracted when we feed the twins again at 10 am. Other times I’ll set up morning tea for her and she will be distracted enough with that. Once the twins are fed and burped, we all have a play on the mat. Adelyn loves to try and entertain the twins by swinging their toys for them. We follow the eat, play, sleep routine so the babies don’t rely on a bottle to fall asleep. The play aspect makes them tired enough that they should be able to self settle, with the help of their dummies of course! Around 11.30 the twins head to bed in their bassinets so we can prepare lunch and any other jobs that need to be done. Depending on the weather we may get outside for a walk too.

After lunch is a quick play for Addie then into bed for a nap around 1pm. Some days this goes to plan, some days the nap doesn’t happen. Those days are tough! We are lucky at the moment with the girls sleeping so much, we can give Adelyn some one on one time. Addie sleeps anywhere from an hour to 3 hours.

2 pm The twins feed again. Once they are done we usually chill and watch Netflix. This is our rest time as all 3 kids should be asleep. Key word should be!Β πŸ˜‚Β Some afternoons we are up and down out of bed putting their dummies back in so much, I’m pretty sure I should have abs by now!

If Addie wakes with enough time before dinner I’ll usually have a shower with her so she is already clean and in her pjs ready for bed. 5pm is dinner time and if its bath night for the twins we start that around 5.45pm . At the moment the twins get bathed on our dining room table in the portable bath one after each other. 6pm is bottle time for them and a play follows.

7pm is bedtime in our household. We try to get the Adelyn to bed first as it takes a bit longer as she needs to go to the toilet and brush her teeth etc. Then its the twins turn. Its funny, they have started to protest cry when we lay them down. Its like they know its bed time and put on such an act! Sometimes they dont actually fall asleep properly until 8.30pm! Once all the kids are in bed we tidy up and prepare what we need for that night and the next morning. Then into bed for hubby and I around 8 pm. Most nights we watch something on Netflix to chill out or I’ll work on my blog and he will go paint his Warhammer men.

Overnight 99 % of the time we dont hear from Adelyn, which is good! She has slept through for a long time now which makes our nights a little easier. We were dream feeding the twins at 10.30 pm then they would wake around 2/3am for another feed, but we are currently trialling skipping the dream feed and seeing how long they will go before they get hungry. Last night the went from their 6pm feed to 4 am!! Sounds wonderful right? Did this mumma sleep though? Nope, I was awake every hour between 11 and 4 as I was waiting for them to wake up! I’ll keep everyone posted on how dropping an overnight feed goes.

Then we wake up and do it all again…. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ€—



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