Whats In My Nappy Bag…

So going out with twins you need a lot of stuff! Luckily Adelyn has her own backpack for her bits and pieces as I don’t think it would all fit in one bag haha!


The bag I’ve used since the beginning is a Colette Nappy Bag. It’s big enough for everything to fit in for one or two babies! Inside I have the following :

– Two bottles and formula serves for each twin incase we get stuck out longer then we anticipate. At the moment they feed every 4 hours but so we get home in time before the next feed.

– Spare pram clips for the muslin wrap on our pram or anything else we need them for.

– Gum, mints, gentle eye wipes, bepanthen cream, paw paw cream, pen, tampon and a hair lackey.

– 2 spare dummies incase we drop one or loose one.

– Almonds for a snack incase I get hungry.

– Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes VERY important haha! We go through quite a few of these trying to prevent any bad germs passing to the twins.

– My wallet, cant go anywhere wuthout this!

– 6 x nappies each in different sizes. Hanna is in huggies size 3 and Riley is in newborn. These girls do a lot of poo so we got to have backups!

– Wipes in a refillable packet and a disposal change mat for those times there’s no where nice to change a butt.

– Nappy Sack bags. These come in handy for so many things including any spoiled clothes.

– A Love to Dream Swaddle each incase it is sleep time when we are out. The girls are in the bassinets attachments at the moment so these come in very handy.

– 2 sets of bonds zippies and singlets for spare change of clothes for each of the girls.

– 2 bibs, beanies and socks as spares also.

-Panadol. As you never know when you will need it!

– Zip lock bags come in handy to separate everything as well.

Whats in your nappy bag??! đź’•


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