Sleeping Beauties…

Quite a few mummies have asked how do we get the twins to sleep so well so here is what we do…

To start we are greatful for the routine they set in nicu. The girls went from continuous feeds to 3 hourly feeds then 4 hourly feeds so a routine was set from very early on. When the girls can home they were on 4 hourly feeds which meant they slept in between feeds. In nicu there was no way the nurses could hold or rock any baby to sleep, they were too busy and had 3 or 4 babies to attend to. The girls had to self settle from early on as there was no way to sleep otherwise! The use of the dummy is greatly recommended in nicu as it helps to settle the babies especially when parents aren’t around.

We have had all 3 of our girls follow the routine side of the book, Save Our Sleep. Best thing we have done for our sanity is follow that routine. I believe in the feed, play, sleep as it doesn’t let the babies rely on a bottle to go to sleep. Sometimes the girls do fall asleep drinking their bottle, but usually only if they haven’t slept beforehand. When we put the girls to bed they usually sleep in the lounge room, our room or their room. They sleep in their Love To Dream Swaadle Ups, with their Closer to Nature dummies. We don’t rock or hold the girls to sleep, but this doesn’t mean we don’t get sleepy cuddles though. At night we bath the girls every second day, then they have their bottle and a quick play afterwards while we put Adelyn to bed. Then the girls go to bed, we always say goodnight and give them a kiss. Keeping the same routine especially at night makes the girls realise what’s coming and distinguish between day sleeps and night sleeps. The last 3 nights the girls have actually slept through! The dream feed didn’t help push them out any longer so we decided to scrap it  It works for some babies, like Adelyn, but doesn’t work for others, like the twins. Their last feed of the day is 6 pm and they have been able to be pushed out to 6 am the last 3 nights! Some mornings around 4 am they stir but nothing a dummy can’t fix till they are due at 6 am.

I think it helps that the girls cat nap most mornings, then have a good middle of the day sleep then cat nap again in the arvo, they get pretty tired by bedtime! I wish they didn’t cat nap but hey if they sleep all night I’m happy! Some day sleeps they are amazing and sleep so well, others not so much. I’m constantly waiting to see if they are going to self settle then going in if they don’t, popping dummies in until its next time for the next feed.

Don’t forget mummas every baby is different and needs different ways to support sleep so go with it. What ever you need to do that works for you and your babies, do it!




One thought on “Sleeping Beauties…

  1. Your routine sounds just like ours! Just curious, how old are your girls now? Ours are 4 months corrected and not sleeping through yet. We do a dream feed around 10 and then they still go 4 hours. x


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