Holidaying with 3 under 4….

A holiday was much needed after the year we had just gone through. I initially wanted to go earlier when the twins weren’t mobile but life just got in the way with many hospital appointments and me being so anxious about going anywhere with them. Finally at 13 months old or 9 and a half months corrected we decided to just go! The girls were bigger and stronger now and we NEEDED a break haha. So how did we go travelling 3 hours south to the Margaret River region with 3 under 4?

The drive down was actually really good. We are very lucky all 3 girls are comfortable in the car and don’t mind long drives – think this comes from the all the drives to and from the hospital appointments after they came home! We did break the drive into sections are the girls needed bottles and solids – which made the drive feel a bit longer but it was a necessity. The girls all enjoyed the time out of the car each stop and it was good for us also to stretch our legs.

One thing I was very anxious about was giving the house a quick clean with our Zoono Products just to know that we were covered from any germs that may be lingering from other guests. Once we arrived I sprayed all bench tops with the Microbe Shield Spray and all rooms with the Room Deodoriser spray also – just to put my mind at ease somewhat. It was a huge step staying somewhere else with the twins for the first time and my anxiety was very high at first. I had a mini panic attack when we got there because it was so over whelming thinking about everything that could go wrong. That postnatal anxiety from having micro premmies never really leaves you.

Getting out and about wasn’t too much of an issue as with Justin and I both there we had 2 sets of hands which was handy. I think next time though we would take a grandparent or two so we could have some actualrelaxing time! With 3 kids it’s not truly a relaxing holiday more like a change of scenery! We only really went out to places that were our favourite spots as I did most of the other outings with Adelyn when we went a few weeks before. We took a lot of packet food for the girls and bought finger food/snacks when we got there from Coles to have on hand. This made it easier instead of lugging a heap of food down with us. We also did this with nappies too and just bought them when we did a shop.

I felt like we packed everything including the kitchen sink! I am so glad we have stopped sterilising their bottles as that saved some room in the boot! This is what we packed besides the normal clothes and toiletries:

  • Bottles, formula, bottle brush, grass drying rack

  • Baby panadol

  • Love To Dream Sleep Suits x2

  • 5 days’ worth of outfits in zip lock bags ready to go

  • Our Grace and Maggie Play mat and a few toys

  • The twins RiffRaffs were amazing especially for the car trips for white noise

  • Portable White Noise Machine

  • 2 portacots

  • Separate back pack for Adelyn for outings with change of clothes, bathers and snacks

  • Nappy Bag

  • Kmart Beach Trolley

  • Bathers and Towels

  • Picnic Rug

  • Kmart Camping High Chairs for the twins – Best Birthday Gift Ever!

  • Peekabee Bibs and Spoons

  • A box of baby wipes

  • Little Bento lunch boxes – made prepping lunches out for the kids easier

  • Beach toys for Adelyn

  • Pram

  • Individual water bottles

  • Chargers

  • Camera to video for our vlog

  • Zoono Hand Sanitiser and Spray

  • Adelyns choice of comforter, toys and books

  • Jumpers as its cold down south

  • Small esky

( There is probably more we packed but I’ve got massive baby brain after 3 kids ! )

Overall going away was a good experience but I wish we did it earlier when the twins weren’t crawling around everywhere as it was hard to keep Hanna off the floor and stop them from licking it! Next holiday wont be for a while I think until the twins are older…. when it can be more relaxing, the kids can entertain each other and we don’t have to be back home for naps or stop for bottles. Plus we will bring another set of hands to babysit so Justin and I can have time

If you have any questions about our holiday feel free to ask below!

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