My Morning Tips…


With Justin being away, its no secret I have struggled some days and felt in a really dark place. There has been a few things I have been doing every morning though to help my mood and start the day off on a positive note!


Get up before kids wake and get dressed!

I find if I stay in my pjs I am comfy yes, but I also feel more lazy. Those pj days certainly have a place but I am trying to not do it daily. Putting something on that makes me feel good is an instant pick me up!


Make the bed!

I am totally one who makes the bed every morning without a doubt. I hate an unmade bed haha. It just bugs me! I even make Adelyns bed as soon as she is up and I’m teaching her to make her own bed at the moment. It just means I am not tempted to climb back in!


Open the blinds!

Once I am up and the kettle is on, I open up all our rollershutters and blinds to let the morning sunshine in. This is an instant pick me up also. There is nothing more inviting then to have that warm morning sun on your skin. Your indoor plants will love you too!


Choose my daily oil blend!

So I have a pouch full of my favourite Sawyers Bear Blends that I can choose from each morning. Lately my favourite has been the Calm Spray. I find spraying this over me reminds me to take those important few deep breaths to start the day – and I smell nice!



At the moment I try and juggle making the twins bottles, getting Adelyns breakie, making sure she goes to the loo and boiling the kettle for my morning coffee! Sitting down with Adelyn and enjoying my morning coffee is a great way to start the day. We chat about how she slept and what we are going to do that day – all while the twins have their bottles. It gives me time to just sit with her and have some one on one time whilst getting my coffee in!


Music on!

Music is so important to me and ALWAYS lifts my mood. So each morning I turn the radio on or pop a playlist on Spotify and dance along to it. If you watch my stories on Instagram you will see us often do this – even the twins bop along to it. Music and dance has been an important part of my life and I want my children to grow up loving it too.

I hope you can take some of these tips and implement them into your every day lives. Let me know if you do by tagging us on Instagram! Id love to hear what morning routine tips you can share with me and my followers too!

Grecian xx


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