About me…

For those new readers, Hi I’m Grecian! 👋 Im 28 years old and have a beautiful family of 5. My hubby and I have been together since 2008 pretty much and have been married since 2013. We have a 3 year old daughter Adelyn and twin daughters Hanna and Riley born 14 weeks premature in February this year. My girls are the reason I started this blog and sharing more about my mum life on Instagram. I believe us mums need to stick together and support one another, as to put it bluntly, being a mum is tough. As a family we have been through so much in the past year but have come out stronger then before. Its certainly put its toll on hubby and I but we make an awesome team and I couldnt be as strong as I am now without him. 💕


One thought on “About me…

  1. I’ve just read your blog. Absloutely loved it.

    I’m 27 weeks pregnant with twin boys. My smaller man also has a absences in his blood flow. I’m getting scans twice a week. Staying as positive as we can, but it’s definitely been a roller coaster of emotions.

    Reading your stories has definitely given me hope.

    Thank you 💕


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