Secondary Infertility…

So I believe infertility isn’t openly talked about enough. Especially secondary Infertility. Just because you’ve had one kid doesnt necessarily mean it is easy to fall pregnant again with number 2.

Falling pregnant with Adelyn actually took a year of trying. Every month I’d pray my period wouldn’t show its face and I would over think every little symptom. Were my boobs sore cause I may be pregnant or was it just normal sore boobs? Period two days late? Omg could it be?! Test, nup… No line at all. Every month was the same until I decided to stop trying. I decided to focus on myself and I begun prepping for a fitness competition. After 3 months of prep I fell pregnant. Christmas Day Adelyn was actually conceived 😂.

2015-02-16 08.28.52.jpg

Adelyns pregancy was perfect 👌. I was able to train the whole time and keep fit and active. We had no issues, and she came out a healthy 3.5kgs at 40 weeks and 2 days via non elective C section.

2015-09-25 08.13.49.jpg

When Adelyn was 8 weeks old we started trying for baby number 2. We had always wanted the kids close in age and with how long it took to conceive Adelyn we thought we best start trying sooner rather than later. Months passed and nothing. Each month the disappointment got worse and worse. It was hard to enjoy Adelyn as the longing for another baby took over. We waited for 18 months before doing our first round of monitoring under a Fertility Clinic. They found my AMH levels, the levels to show how many eggs you have, was extremely low. I pretty much had no chance at falling pregnant naturally. I had as many eggs as a post menopausal woman. My body had failed me is all I thought. Im only 27 like come on! So we decided to get help. We did one round of iui but unfortunately that wasn’t successful. It was the most heartbreaking moment ever, seeing that negative pregnancy test once again. After the countless blood tests, needles, jabs, prods and pokes I thought it would of worked. Why wasn’t my body working how it should? So we jumped ships to IVF in August last year. We wanted a chance to have more than one baby in the future so this was our best option. The month of IVF was tough. The toughest thing I had done till to that date. So many more needles and hormones flowing through me it was emotionally draining but I went with the flow and just trusted the process. I remember the nurses being amazed with how calm I was during that month. They were so supportive which made all the difference 💕. They were able to collect 10 eggs on surgery day. 4 of them grew into successful day 5 embryos. We were pretty lucky, as some of the ladies I met through the clinic only had 1 embryo that made it to day 5. Transfer day came and it felt amazing to be PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) . I couldnt stop talking and rubbing my belly. I actually had a chance of being pregnant, a real chance! I was in two minds about doing a pee test before blood test day but I couldnt wait and low and behold it was a positive!! Everything I had put my body through over the last few months felt so worth it! 💕 We were so so so lucky that we fell pregnant first round of IVF as many don’t. We now have 3 more embryos in the freezer incase we want any more children.


This leads to the twinnies story…



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