Things for Twins…

One baby is tough enough but add another to the mix! We have found a few bits and pieces that have helped along the way to make our day to day life a little easier 👌


Being in nicu the girls were already on a 4 hourly routine. This made it easy for us to continue the same routine coming home. We have found our girls all thrive off routines. Before Riley came home we made sure both girls were on the same timings as we wanted them to feed and sleep at the same time. I wanted some sort of sleep. The girls are good and usually stir at the same time 😂👌

TwinZ Pillow 


As we bottle feed the girls this pillow has come in so handy. All the girls day feeds are done in this pillow as it lets one of us feed them both. Hubby made a table for it as well which the pillow sits on and our legs can go underneath, instead of leaning over on an angle if we are on the floor.


Love to Dream Swaddles


We used these swaddles with Adelyn and loved them! The girls came home swaddled but started to become little escape artists so we swapped them over. Since then, they have slept so much better and love rubbing their little faces with the soft material on the wings. With double zips they make nappy changes easy overnight too!



We decided to go with capsules this time as we knew we would be going in and out of the car often to the hospital. They have come in handy even just bringing the girls in from the car. Makes life that little bit easier, especially with a toddler to wrangle too.

Baskets for Bottles 


Having individual baskets for each twin allows us to keep bottles and formula separate so there’s no confusion. Rileys medication is in there too so we don’t forget to give it to her! The baskets get moved at night to our bedroom to make night feeds easier as we have everything in reach.

Owlet Monitor



These socks are worth the price tag! Because the girls were monitored for so long in nicu, we were used to that peace of mind knowing that they were ok. The Owlet monitors oxygen saturation and heart rate and alarms if either go below a certain limit. This is actually why we took Riley to the hospital the other week when she was sick. It alarmed twice as she had a drop in both her oxygen and heart rate. This product gives such peace of mind, especially for a nicu mum.

Portable Change Mat 


With Adelyn we always used her change mat on her change table but this time it didnt fit in the twins room. We decided to just use the change mat on our bed, on the floor or on the dining room table. We weren’t limited to one spot to change the girls which makes it easier if they both need a nappy change. We also use the Bubsfirst cover on it so it can just be wiped down if there is any leakage 😂.

Nappy Caddy 


This nappy caddy lives out in the lounge/dining room where we spend most of the day. Again this allows for easy access to nappies, wipes, creams etc when we need it so we don’t need to walk away. I fill it up regularly to make sure we never get stuck without a nappy!

Swings and Bubnest 

Having somewhere safe to put both babies has been important especially with Adelyn playing around them. The girls enjoy both their swings/Bubnest and often have their first sleep of the day in it so their Owlet socks can charge.

Dummies and more dummies


You can never have to many dummies especially with twins. If the babies take them they come in so handy! Especially when both are crying and you’ve only got one set of hands. Always have spare washed and sterilised as they tend to spit them onto the floor alot too 🤦

Burp Cloths 


We actually use towelling nappies as bibs and burp cloths. It makes life so much easier as they are huge and catch any spew and leakage! Although with the amount of cloths we go through its a must to wash them daily!

Alongside these little things I try to keep ontop of washing and housework by making sure it never piles up too much and do things as I go. I find if I run around in the morning doing the bits and pieces, like filling up nappies and wipes and washing burp towels I get the afternoon to just chill when they are asleep.


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