Managing 3 kids Under 3…

So trying to split our time between 3 kids since the twins were born has been tough. Daily drives to and from the hospital with Adelyn in the car, palming her off to family and friends and spending time with both twins equalling in nicu was a nightmare. Adelyn has been so good throughout this journey and has definitely developed more strength in herself that its ok to have some time alone if mummy and daddy are busy. During our nicu time she initially hated being left at the creche there, over time though she grew fond of the ladies and other kids she was so sad to leave. We had to unfortunately pull her out of the creche and daycare before Hanna came home in order to limit sickness from spreading to the twins. This has made it hard some days to spend quality time with all the kids.

To get us through the day Adelyn watches abit more tv then I would want her too. She now knows what show is next on abc kids and has her all time favourites such as PJ Masks. I was never big on tv with Adelyn as a baby as I had that one on one time to give to her, reading and singing songs. This time round not so much. There is so many times in the day she asks us to read a book or to come play with her, but we just can’t as we are trying to feed or change the twins. It honestly breaks my heart. She has been the centre of our world for 3 years now and I cant give her the attention she deserves. She does love helping with the girls and will often hold their bottles or sit and read with them.

Before the girls arrived I made up a busy box with arts and craft supplies, playdough, new books and other bits so that when we are busy we can get it out and she can entertain herself. This is more exciting for her then just saying oh just go play. We have also started to let her have time with the tablet to play educational games too. I used to be one of those people that were like omg I will never let my kid have time on a phone or tablet haha! That soon changes once you have a screaming kid in your face 😂.

I try and involve Adelyn also in the housework if I can and get it done early in the day so there is time, like after lunch for just one on one time with her. At the moment the twins are fairly easy.  They feed, burp, poop, play and sleep. Im waiting till they start moving then I may not be able to wrangle all 3! 😂 But bring it on, challenge accepted! 💪




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